Calibration Inductance Standards

Inductance Calibration - Inductance Calibration Standards and Service

IET Labs is a premier calibration laboratory that is accredited by A2LA for Inductance-Measure and Inductance-Generate.

We can calibrate most inductance standards with uncertainties as good as 0.01 % + 50 nH.

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IET Labs maintains well over 30 IET/GenRad 1482 Inductance Standards that cover the range of 10 µH to 10 H in a 1, 2, 5 series.

These standards are used for both Inductance-Generate, and Inductance-Measure when transfer measurements are performed. Most 1482s are calibrated traceable to the SI, through a National Metrology Institute mainly NPL in the UK.

 1482 Inductance Standards

IET Labs uses 2 main LCR Meters for Inductance-Measure using direct measurements or transfer from standards that are calibrated traceable to the SI, through a National Metrology Institute (NPL):

1.) The GenRad/IET Labs 1689 and 1693 Digibridge with a CMC1 down to 0.01% + 50 nH.
The GenRad/IET Labs 1689 and 1693 Digibridge are the workhorse for both direct inductance measurements and transfer measurements at IET Labs.

All measurements are made using delta % to improve resolution on the Digibridge. Customer's inductance standards are measured 3 times over 2 days with the results being averaged together for the final calibrated value.

The test program we use compares the calibrated inductance values from each of the 3 calibration runs as well as historical calibration numbers to check stability of the inductance standard.

2.) The IET Labs 7600 Plus Precision LCR Meter with a CMC1 down to 0.05% + 120 pH. The 7600 Plus is primarily used for measurements above 10 kHz.

Typical Test Station at IET Labs

See our New Certificate of Calibration with plots of measurement data and uncertainties, that is delivered with the 1491-G Decade Inductance Standard.

IET Labs can calibrate or repair any manufacturers resistance calibration standards2.

2See ISO-17025 Scope of Accreditation (A2LA) for our complete list of accredited calibration capabilities.